Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shocker --Worms do not like bleach water

As part of the ongoing process of yard cleanup, house cleaning, and scientific experimentation we did an interesting thing today. We filled the kiddie pool with water and bleach (approximately 2 cups for many gallons) and dh bleached out all the garbage cans and sand toys.

That's not the experiment, that's not even surprising, he's done that before.

When we were done we decided to let the bleach be our friend and help us with our little bishop's weed/gout weed problem. I've raked that hill 2-3x last week and came up with the same number of buckets filled with rhizomes. There are many many many many remaining. Some are even starting to leaf out in the nice weather.

So we dumped trash cans full of this dirty water on the entire area because of a post I read on the This Garden is Illegal blog. There are several homemade ways to kill unwanted plants including boiling water, bleach, vinegar, salt, rubbing alcohol, corn meal (actually it stops the developing seed it doesn't kill developed weeds), and newspaper.

Originally I was planning on boiling some water and vinegar and dumping it on the area but hey, this works.

So as the beautiful toxic (kidding...this is the stuff the CDC recommends for cleaning after the world ends) puddles are forming I begin to notice some of the biggest worms I've ever seen appearing everywhere. As dh kept moving on I stopped to gather them up vaguely worried that the bleach was harming them. Son #4 helped me relocate the handfuls and handfuls of worms to my other gardens.

Worms like the dense root structure of the bishop weed. Worms do not like water...or bleach.

It reminded me of rainy nights walking the curbs of our street as our neighbor the cop shone his spotlight in the gutters so we could pick worms for our neighbor Jack's Sunday fishing trips. Yeah, half the block walking around in the rain and the dark. The kind of fun times that are fun because they make no sense. Adults should be telling you to get out of the rain and the dark, not laughing on the sidewalk with their shoes off.

That's it. Water. Bleach. Worms. Uncontrollable nostalgia. I can never see these things coming.


CJ said...

How fun! My kids are all just in love with worm hunting and of course Mom encourages them to deposit their findings in my gardens. HeeHee. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your kind words about Epilepsy. It is nice to be able to share with other parents who "know". Thanks again, CJ

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing today, worms and bleach, the bleach made them all appear out of no-where! Great chance to pop them in my wheel-barrow garden!! :)