Monday, April 7, 2008

The Oregano Underground

I like free plants. It takes some of the pressure off.

Last year there was a notification on the local Freecycle that someone had extra oregano. I picked up 3 strong plants for a drive into town.

They grew well, much better than the little purple-green basil I planted next to them.

This morning I raked off a few beds. The ones next to the house. This bed I was just fiddling with to see if anything was coming up. The oregano is up and greener than anything I've seen in months!

Not only is the oregano up, but it has decided to grow along the ground (instead of outward) making each plant 2x bigger than it was last year! All this and it was covered with snow and ice (see the remnant above) only a week ago.

I am constantly amazed at the ability of plants to adapt themselves to conditions. How wonderful to pull away the brown oak leaves and find a green surprise.

1 comment:

lisa said...

Great score on the oregano! Seems like free plants always grow better than expensive ones! ;-) I need to check out that freecycle.