Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The little seedlings that couldn't

I sneak peeks at my seedlings a lot.

They're just down in the basement. All it takes is a few steps from the kitchen when I'm washing dishes or making dinner.

And it isn't really that strange. Proper analyzation will reveal that my seed trays are one of the few things I do each day which don't immediately spiral into chaos. Quite the opposite, the little plants make their orderly stretches toward the lights. Its enough to make any mother sigh with contentment at her role as plant midwife and wonder why her own progeny can't be nearly as orderly (and quiet).

My peppers are not cooperating.

So far I have ignored their obstinateness. They have to get up sometime. Once they see all their cousins are up they'll leap out of bed and reach for the sun. And peppers are notoriously nitpicky about their conditions. Sometimes I wonder if my fourth son is a pepper in disguise.

This morning I snuck down when my husband was in the shower and checked them again. Even my German pink tomatoes are finally up. In disgust I turned to my Square Foot Gardening to check Bartholomew's germination tables. It seems peppers will not germinate unless it is over 60 degrees F. The whole house is set at 62F. Hmmm.

So I brought the babies up to sit in the window for a while with the lettuce. Between the heater vents and the sun they should pop up soon.


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lisa said...

Good luck with your babies! Usually I manage to winter sow some things every year, but things were just too hectic for me to be that organized! Oh well, I bought an Aerogarden, and I'm gonna start some things in there and see what happens.